Cheers! Mikasa Giveaway Finalists + A Surprise..

As promised, today is the day we'll present the four finalists for our Mikasa flute giveaway we held at the Bridal Extravaganza. We had over 50 entries, so instead of leaving the decision up to ourselves we turned to to pick the lucky four.

Before we announce, a little background on the giveaway (and a little warning of a long post):

- One stylish bride will become the owner of Mikasa's "Cheers" flutes, valued at $59.00 .

- Rather than have each bride simply drop her name in a basket, we got to know each lovely a little better- by asking what their favorite and least favorite part of planning their wedding has been so far.

So now that you know the background, here's what you, our readers, get to do:

* Vote on your favorite finalist, based on her answers to our questions.

* Since we love giveaways, our readers, and stylish brides, if you vote you're automatically entered into another giveaway just for you. The winner will receive a copy of the brand new hardcover book by celebrity wedding planner David Tutera, The Big White Book of Weddings: A How-To Guide For The Savvy, Stylish Bride.

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* Rules are as follows:
- Leave a comment here with the name of the finalist, and why you chose her.
- 1 entry per person, please.
- If you are a finalist for the Mikasa Flutes, by all means, please vote for yourself (just once).
- Voting and giveaway for the book ends Thursday Jan. 7th at 5:00p MST .
- Winner for both the flutes and the book will be announced on Friday Jan. 8th at 8:00a MST .
- Contest for the book is available for any US participant.

So without further adieu, our Mikasa "Cheers" flutes announced:

# 16: Rosemary

Favorite part of planning so far: Finding the dress!
Least favorite part: Having to go to school while planning.

# 25: Megan

Favorite part of planning so far: Seeing it all come together..
Least favorite part: The process of trying to get it all to come together!

# 28: Bridgette

Favorite part of planning so far: Picking the invitations
Least favorite part: Picking the cake!

# 29: Kelly

Favorite part of planning so far: Finding the dress!
Least favorite part: Getting all the addresses for the guests.

Okay there you have it- our finalists for the lovely flutes. Voting starts officially today. Good luck, and have fun!



Anonymous said...

I vote megan! sounds like she needs some help from the lovely soiree team :)

katarzyna said...

I have to vote for Megan, as well. I can relate to her - I have a million great ideas but getting them narrowed down into a cohesive whole is a challenge.

Christina said...

I vote for Rosemary! When I was in college, I could barely plan for things knowing I had a limited budget and a demanding school schedule. I wish her luck in juggling in both!

Lindsey said...

My vote goes to Rosemary. I can sympathize with being in school and trying to plan a wedding at the same time!

Anonymous said...

I have to go with Megan, too. I stay up nights because of all the ideas running rampant through my head, so I can sympathize.


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