2012 Weddings Round Up | Inspiration Board Favorites

Last week we launched our "Best of" weddings round up for 2012, and this week we continue with some of our favorite inspiration boards for clients and projects we were included in last year. Having an inspiration board is such an important part of our design process- it's not a new concept by any means- but we make a big deal out of it because it really brings the focus. When we meet with clients for the first time, the vision may be there but it's usually muddled with so many different ideas that it can seem overwhelming to reign it all in. By working with our clients through a series of meetings, photos, sketches, and lots of questions, we present our design and inspiration boards as a way to ensure we've got the vision and that we've realized theirs.

Here is a compilation of some of our favorites* from last year, and you can see how some of them vary in style as we customized them to the client or project:

This Navy, Gray & Butter wedding was one of the highlights of our summer, with an eclectic mix of formal and fun. We kept the same color scheme for the entire wedding weekend event, but slowly increased the formality each day. The family ended their McCall vacation with a wedding brunch in the Narrows at Shore Lodge before heading home, and what a lovely weekend it was. 

This September wedding at Boise's Linen Building began with a vision of Mad Men, and evolved into lady-like vintage meets rustic masculine. The simple color palette, touches of faux bois, and vintage attire really made our day. 

From one of our photo shoots this year, we were inspired by the fall metallics and pretty pinks, grays and golds. Held in the backyard of a private property, we brought metals and hardware to the otherwise  soft palette. 

Definitely one of our favorites of the summer, we loved seeing how a wedding filled with very neutral colors- khakis, ivory, soft sage and gray- can really pop when subtle vibrant colors are introduced. We took the base colors and added a few touches of cornflower, navy, and powder blue and the result was stunning and perfect for a wedding by the Payette lake. 

Lovingly dubbed our southern wedding of the year, our hearts pitter pattered all over this one. Rustic meets glamour, and the comeback of flower varieties like baby's breath and queen anne's lace was so inspiring and refreshing. 

One of our first events of 2012, this Shore Lodge wedding was a direct representation of the couple, complete with their quirky nature and favorite interests together in mind. By looking at photos of their home, talking about what they loved to do on a typical weekend, and noticing the bride's use of at least one bright color in her outfits, this spring garden wedding evolved. Held in snowy March, we used bright spring colors and many nods to their love of gardening; the result was fun yet sophisticated with lush flowers everywhere. 

This inspiration board was from another photo shoot- the precursor to our Lucky In Love giveaway we teamed up in. All of the participating vendors put their heads together to create an inspired shoot to show potential couples the level of talent they were winning by entering the contest. Inspired by fashion's tribal looks and shades of turquoise, coral, and gold, this project was so much fun to be a part of. 

Hope you are inspired as you begin (or dig in further) to your plans for your event! Come back again on Wednesday for more wedding round ups! 

* Credit information: As we used these inspiration boards solely for the purpose of relaying a theme or vision for our clients, unfortunately some of the sources of the photos were not saved. We respect the privacy and credit of each photo, so if one of these are yours please email us and we will promptly credit the work as necessary. Thank you! 


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