The Easiest Way To Personalize Your Wedding

1) Find ways to incorporate yourself.

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At least 1/2 of your guest list will be there because they know you- they remember your cheerleading years and when you were a tomboy before that. Try a picture wall to showcase all the early years, have a favorite food make an appearance (who says fried chicken or cheeseburgers isn't wedding fare?), or make sure what you wear (shoes, dress, accessories) really makes a statement as to who you are.

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2) Then find ways to incorporate you as a couple.

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All of your guests are there to celebrate you each as individuals and both as a couple. Show your guests what makes your relationship. We've seen topographic maps as seating diagrams for the mountain climbers, a swing orchestra for the Manhattanites, and chocolate covered espresso bean favors because the couple met at Starbucks.

So the easiest way to personalize your day is to ask these questions: what will our guests instantly recognize about me (and him), and what will they appreciate knowing about us as a couple?

We guarantee the result will go further than the prettiest centerpiece you can find (although if you can swing that, we won't object about throwing that in too).

So how will you be personalizing your wedding?


#1: Chela's mother made the family's mustard recipe as favors for their September 2009 wedding.

#2: Gisela and Carey displayed baby pictures along the pergola at Woodriver Cellars at their 2007 wedding. Photo courtesy Amore Photography.

# 3: Maggie & Rex's swing orchestra set up and ready to start the cocktail hour. Photo courtesy Tana Photography.

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