Go Ahead.

Ask us {just about} anything. I don't normally aspire to be a follower, but what can I say, Formspring is getting a lot of attention lately, and I think it's a pretty neat idea.

After recent launches of their own formspring accounts, Think Splendid is off and running and the Southern Weddings Mag gals will soon be answering questions left and right. I've even asked a few questions my self. Basically, it's proven to be a really good medium to stay in touch, get to know someone better, and find some answers to burning questions.

So I broke down and created the Soiree Formspring Account. So go ahead, ask anything- business, personal, wedding or party related, and you can ask the questions anonymously too. I will answer them as time allows, and some may be answered via posts on this blog.

Happy chatting!


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