Online Resources For Weddings And Newly Weds

Today will be a short post, but wanted to share two online magazines that you can use as part of your stalking planning.

The first is perfect for inspiration for your wedding day: it's full of articles, pictures, and the most recent edition even featured a design challenge. The participants did amazing jobs with their ideas! Welcome to Utterly Engaged Magazine....


The second is for beyond wedding planning...because we all know how hard it is to suddenly quit planning something once your big day is over. Now it's time to start planning for your new, stylish life! Enter Nesting Newbies...


~Happy Planning!


Shira said...

You have made me an online-magazine fanatic! I wish there were more of them because they are so super handy! Thanks for the great resources :)

Nesting Newbies said...

Thanks so much for sharing Nesting Newbies with your amazing readers. :)


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