Feature Fridays + A Contest

We have a lot of new and great things to come for the Soiree Blog, and lately we've been subtly moving towards those changes. You may have noticed for the past few weeks Fridays have been dedicated to one spotlight product, style, or vendor. Well we can't give away all the surprises just yet, but we can say that Fridays are about to get even better (it is the start of the weekend, so Fridays are already pretty good). Let's just say we're already lining up our round of vendors to interview; you'll get to know them better, and know more about their product or style. If you're a Boise or Idaho bride, you'll love this series because we have quite the line up of stellar professionals in the area for you to candidly check out. If you're not getting married or in the Boise area, you're in luck too because we'll be mixing it up with vendors across the country that we regularly connect with via Facebook, Twitter, past events and more. Our Feature Friday series will kick off next week with a bang, so be sure to stop by!

Now for the second part of our post today. We want to interact with our readers, and what better way than to call all our creative brides together on a project...and the ending has a surprise in store.

Here's the scoop:

Put together an inspiration board representing a tablescape or dessert display you'd love to see come together in real life. The rules of the submission are as follows:

- Must represent a Spring or Summer display
- With your submission include a short write-up (no more than 150 words) describing what you feel or envision the party or event to be like (this can also be the theme of the party). Please include your contact info for us as well.
- Include all credits of any pictures you use in your inspiration board.
- You may just send individual pictures over and we can put them into board form for you as well.
- Winner will be chosen by the Soiree ladies based on creativity, uniqueness, and enthusiasm ;)
- Send your entries to blog@weddingsbysoiree.com
- Contest is for brides and non-brides alike, and all US residents.

Contest ends midnight MST on April 30th. Winner will be announced on Monday May 3rd at 12:00p MST.

Winner will receive your choice of one of these beauties from Emersonmade:


1. Dahlia Trotting Blooms for your shoes- you get to pick the color.
2. The BigDandy Clutch.
3. The Wildrose hair clip.

Not too bad, huh? So get your creative juices flowing- you just may see your future table or dessert display come together in real life....

~Happy Planning!

1 comment:

Luigi | Custom Postcards said...

The Wildrose hair clip is sooo lovely! I can't wait to see the inspiration board entries, I can definitely use some inspiration. Hmm.. maybe I should try making one, it's worth a shot!


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