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This week we are featuring the lovely Jennifer Gillespie, owner of Calligraphy by Jennifer. We've had the opportunity to work with her, and I can truly say you would never know she's half way across the country from Idaho. Great customer service, lots of communication (and I happen to love her Kentucky accent!), and beautiful work.

-How long have you been doing calligraphy?

I have been doing calligraphy since 2005


-What's your favorite thing about weddings?

My favorite thing about weddings is the actual process that goes into creating it. I love how each bride has a unique vision of how they want their wedding to look and feel. Everything from picking flower, narrowing down the cake choices and design, and the small details you have to decide on make it so much fun! The hard work and long hours that go into planning are worth it in the end.
-Favorite color?

I am inspired by all kinds of colors. I love color! Fuchsia, sky blue, teal, purple and lime greens are some of my favorites.
-Starbucks, Moxie, or Tulley's?


-Recommend a book we should read?

I don't actually read books but love magazines. I'm a junkie for all wedding related magazines especially Martha Stewart Weddings and I love gossip magazines.


-What is one thing you can't live without?

I can't live without my chapstick, lipgloss and of course my hairbrush!

- Tell us about a time you either made a mistake & learned from it, or felt fear or doubt (either in your personal life or business) and overcame it?

I am not sure I have ever really had a time I have felt fear in my business but perhaps doubt. When I initially started I was pretty shy so meeting with clients was a bit intimidating at first. I realized as time went on clients wanted to talk to vendors that were confident and those that felt strongly about their product. I certainly didn't doubt what I was offering but I knew I had to break out of my shyness and learn to talk! I think years of doing calligraphy has by far the best thing to help me break out of this.

Thanks Jenn for sharing a little bit about yourself with us! Calligraphy By Jennifer offers several styles of calligraphy, from super formal to simple and elegant. She also ships nationwide. Visit her website for more information on pricing, styles, and services.


Finally, while you're there, be sure to check out Jenn's newest offering: Calligraphy Hand Stamps. They are perfect for return addresses and also a pre-wedding gift to yourselves for future mailing projects!

~Happy Planning!

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