Why I Love Weddings, Vol 1.

Yesterday evening I had wrap up appointment # 3 of the week. If you're currently a Soiree bride, or recently one, you know what that is. My bride came to the appointment, frazzled, not at all looking like the excited brides that normally come to the appointment.

Things were looking like they were falling through on her officiant- the church wasn't working with her. She was tearing up as she was telling me about the phone conversations she'd had during the day. But, because she's one of my perkiest brides, she wiped her eyes and said she was "ready for our meeting", with a smile.

We started going over the processional order for her ceremony. I started asking about who would walk her down the aisle, and how her groom would be escorting the moms down the aisle. I looked up and she was crying again. But this time, it was for a happy reason: she was realizing how real her wedding finally was. We all stopped and smiled...her wedding will be in 3 weeks.

That is reason #1 for why I love weddings. Because the important stuff really matters. And who doesn't love love?

~Happy Planning!

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