A Little Personal(ity)

So far 2010 has been epic. My business has grown, we've expanded a little (baby steps here!) and we're looking none other than forward. But everything hasn't come without fear, limitations, and obstacles to boot....nope, I won't ever be able to say I'm one of those people that had everything just kind of "come" to them.

Nope...everything I've wanted I've had to work pretty hard for. And I wouldn't say owning a business, being a wife, becoming a mom, learning the best way to plan a wedding, and using my brain in creative ways to design stellar weddings come naturally either. Still working hard on every one of those items.

Why the heck am I going into personal things, you ask? Well, for several reasons. Reason #1 is because I'm learning that what I want may not be what someone else wants. What someone else wants is a blog purely comprised of nothing but inspiration photos, weddings from around the world, styled engagement sessions. I realized (after several rounds of blog burnout) that I want this blog to be a total representation of me. So yes, that includes what inspires me ( read= inspirational photos of details, weddings, and other lovelies), what's up with my business (Soiree is my baby after all), my team (I heart them, don't care if I am biased) and just me. Because when you hire someone (especially in such a personal business as wedding planning), you want to know not only what you're getting, but who you're getting too, right?


Coming to this conclusion stemmed from many factors; one of which being this awesome article I read via Jasmine Star's blog. I think the article really speaks truly to any creative business professional- not just photographers. I especially loved how she quit looking at other photographer's images. There's one thing to know what's going on around you; another thing to begin to squelch your own creative drive and personality. Same thing happens to planners and designers, me especially. So don't be alarmed about me gracing this blog a little more often. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming :)

So here's to doing what YOU want- whether that be in life, business, your wedding, or all of the above. Sounds like a pretty sweet idea, if I do say so myself!

The Soiree girls havin a little fun at Lindsey and Matt's wedding in May.


Snapshots By Jolene said...

Favorite post yet! I know exactly what you are talking about and thanks for sharing that article. I needed it! Hope to work with you sometime! :)

mnlinchri said...

I love your blog Brandi! We've only talked in person a few times, but I feel like I already know you so much more about you because of all your fun posts. I hired you because I'm an internet shopper, and you represented yourself better than my other options. Plus, you were just as cool in person! I'll continue to be a follower even after my wedding in September.

Jayme said...

Awesome! I mix personal in my business blog and think it's a great way for my clients to know me better, it has worked out well for me.

Maria Hogan said...

You do amazing work, don't ever let fear stop you! You have great ideas and are very professional. I look forward to working with you as your business grows! Please let me know if you need anything.

Lindsey said...

Great post, Brandi! Great picture too :) And I am still following your blog, 2 weeks post wedding- I love seeing what Soiree is up to!

Challise said...

Brandi, you are so right! And I just wanted to take a second to say congrats to you for all your hard work and accomplishments in your life AND your business! You're awesome and I hope all of your clients and prospective clients can see how much dedication you put into everything you do! Keep up the good work :)

Soiree said...

Challise- thank you, you're so sweet! Good luck with the remaining time you have while you're engaged- So happy for you!

Lindsey- You keep in touch!

Thanks to everyone for all their sweet comments, really means so much to me.


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