Thursday Tidbits | Hangers + Frames

So sometimes I get overly excited about things that maybe aren't necessarily the most innovative ideas we've seen. But still, sometimes, you see something, and you're just like, "that is an awesome idea. Why hasn't it happened sooner?".

For instance: photographers, brides, and blog stalkers- how many times have you seen a gorgeous dress, all 30 + pounds of gorgeous fabrics flown in from exotic places hanging....on an old dry-cleaner frame? Kind of takes the loveliness out of the whole picture doesn't it? This is why I'm loving anyone willing to take on the task of making an ordinary object pretty and whimsical:


These frames from Etsy shop Lila Frances are super cute, and make for a much better photo opp.

I've also become a little smitten with the idea of old, vintage frames. Loving them in unexpected places, like these trees (again not a new idea, I just like it. A lot):


In fact, stay tuned for our Inspiration Board Contest photo shoot coming up later this month. Let's just say we found a way to use that fantastic frame idea too!

Happy Thursday!

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