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The other week we got a lovely email from Candice of Cacao Sweets introducing herself and telling us about her sweet treats. We loved her ideas for cupcakes, truffles, and the addition of some sinful ingredients to boot. And we'll admit, we are not hiding the fact that we accepted a sample (cherry rum brownie pop, anyone??) with a smile.

Candice and her company has such great ideas that a Feature Friday was naturally in order!


How long has (Cacao) Sweets been in business?

(cacao) sweets & treats started about a year and a half ago. It’s been swirling around in my head for years, but it was time to get to it!

What's your favorite thing about weddings?

I love taking stress away from the couples. Making them feel comfortable and trusting so they know that once the project is in my hands, they don’t have to think about it again!

Tell us one thing we'd be surprised to learn about you?

I have a graphic designer on staff who handles all of the custom tags and print materials for our clients.

Favorite Color? At the moment, grey and lavender

Tully's, Moxie, or Starbucks? My own personal tea kettle!

Recommend a book we should read? I haven’t had time to read anything except for cookbooks lately, so what do you recommend?


What (or who) can't you live without? (product, article of clothing, personal item, person in your life, etc)

My wooden spoon, most definitely. My husband for being the best cupcake delivery driver and my massive collection of aprons for keeping me clean!

Tell us about a time you either made a mistake & learned from it, or felt fear or doubt (either in your personal life or business) and overcame it?

Things can get stressful being a one-man-show sometimes, but it’s oh-so rewarding at the end of the day. I’m very particular and a bit of a control freak so I love seeing a project through from start to finish.


(Cacao) Sweets features goodies from gourmet cake truffles to brownies to even boozey cupcakes (think Guinness, Blue Moon, Wine, and other specialty flavors). These treats make fabulous favors for a wedding or shower, gift ideas, and Just Because special desserts. Check out the website for all the product features and flavors!

Many thanks to Candice for taking the time to share a little bit about herself and her sweet company.

~Happy Friday!

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