Potentials And Professionals

It's a fantastic combo, really. Potential Customers normally love to work with Professionals. Professionals love meeting Potential Customers. So why would someone who considers themselves a professional throw that away at an event? I mean, if you ask me, I think an event is almost like a customer breeding pool. Kind of sounds weird, but it's true. Imagine all the to-be-engaged, all the whispers of "this is who so and so is using", and "wow, I need THIS" going on.

Let's just say this post is born out of a recent event, one where the DJ was absurd. First, he wore jeans. Second, his undies hung out. Third, he just shouldn't be able to emcee at a wedding. Ever Again. I consider myself pretty easy going; a roll-with-the-punches type of gal. But I was smacked up side the head at the vision unveiling before me. And it all started leading up to the event...calls weren't returned, emails left unanswered. Totally unprofessional all around.

The moral of this story is this: I don't care if you've known the family for 12 years. Or maybe you're just great friends with the bride and groom, and cutting them a break. There are still 200 other individuals attending, watching, and flat out judging your professional business. Don't throw it all away by being unprepared and unwilling to deliver 110 percent.

For more rants on this subject, read this post from way back in 2008. My thoughts haven't changed!

And here's to all those vendors out there that are truly professional in every sense of the word. Happy Tuesday All!

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