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Tissue and paper, book pages for later, crepe, raffia, and poms oh my! There's no missing the trending on paper and fabric flowers for weddings. Martha Stewart, David Stark, and DIY brides all over the country are cashing in on it. For the crafty at heart, the look is personalized, detailed, and a nice touch to both your wedding and your budget. If you have the time, the pay off is lovely.



What are your thoughts on the trend? By the way- the first photo is of designer David Stark's Purely Paper Flower Shoppe. Yep everything you see is made out of paper!

~Happy Planning!

!. David Stark Sketchbook
2. Style Me Pretty
3. The Bride's Cafe

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of paper flowers! I don't think I have the patience to make my own, though.

I've been looking around on Etsy and I'm thinking about having my bridal bouquet and some ceremony flowers made of paper by TheCrimsonPoppy (they have a website with *lots* of paper flower photos at, more than the Etsy shop). They say they have "extraordinary" paper flowers and I agree. I haven't seen anything else like them and I love how real they look!

We are still talking about dates for our wedding so I haven't asked them yet, but I am hoping they can make my bouquet in a way that I can use the flowers in vases around our house after the wedding.

Being able to use the flowers after the wedding and the idea that my bridesmaid's bouquets could do the same and also double as a gift is a big part of why I like paper flowers so much.


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