Raising The Bar

Happy Wednesday! We're loving these unique ideas for setting "bars" at your wedding or party- and some include alcohol while others don't!

The Champagne Bar

Source: Via Kelly Moore

We thought this one would be fabulous at a cocktail reception, and equally stylish at an engagement party. Choosing your flute style, bubbly, and mixers is a fun adventure and would be much like putting a candy buffet together. Don't forget your little details and touches such as tags, coasters, and drink additions (think fruit, lavender sprigs, flowers, etc.). Check out this great tutorial by Kelly Moore for more ideas and sources.

The Dessert Bar

Source: Oh Darling! Photography via Merci New York

The idea is not necessarily a new one, but the individual touches and personality you infuse into it makes the idea an ongoing trend. Use coordinating (and not exactly matching) papers, fabrics, and details to make the dessert bar truly yours. We love this tutorial from Merci New York and of course Amy Atlas and her blog always has the best ideas.

The Scent Bar

Source: Jessica Claire

We flipped at Be Inspired PR's Leila Khalil's bridal shower, and we also went nuts over the scent bar. What a unique idea and is such a sweet favor idea for guests too.

The Ice Luge

Ok not exactly a bar all by itself, but adding an ice luge makes a statement at any type of bar. Have citrus fruits, coordinating flowers, magnolia leaves, etc. frozen into the luge to add to the effect your guests see every time they go for another refresher.

The Coffee Bar/ Italian Soda Bar

Nothing beats a plain cup of coffee like an espresso bar. Traveling vendors bring a variety of syrups, sauces, and milks to create a frothy heaven for your guests.

We also love the Italian Soda bar- especially if you choose not to have alcohol at your party. This will add an element of surprise and keep the guest chatter going as they try out different flavors.

What new ideas are you planning for your party?

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