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Happy Thursday lovelies. Thursdays are a good day around here. Kind of in the middle of the week, a little quiet...definitely not as hectic as Fridays (Production Day) can get. I also have the office alone most Thursdays. A little known fact about me: I tend to be a little bit of a loner. I know, weird, since I do happen to have a career in the special events industry. I can't help it- I've always loved to sit and read, put on music and my favorite candle in my office and just work. And on days that we've kind of finished up time lines and production schedules, I'll sit and look through my 400 many magazines in the office. Even those from 2006- amazing how ideas can just pop out when you least expect it, and event design, like fashion, comes full circle. This Thursday I thought would be a good day for some of my favorites:

Fabulous Fabric Resources:

{Photo: Diary of Dinners via Design Sponge}

Design Sponge had a great post on some of her favorite fabric resources
, both online and in-store. Loved it because fabric is always one of the first things I start looking at when putting together a wedding design plan.

Some of my favorite local fabric resources include Home Fabrics, JoAnn Fabrics, and Caledonia.

My Love of Ribbon:

{Photo: Paper Source}

Ribbon is one of my clutches. I think a high-quality ribbon will always finish off any project magically. None of that single-faced satin, please. Only lays so much nicer.

My favorite resources include Midori and JKM Ribbon & Trims, and for smaller quantities Paper Source is great with their spools often being 10 yards.

Other Notions:

I just love mixing patterns, textures, and objects that are maybe not expected. A great example is this real wedding below. This is Jill from luxury event planning firm In Any Event's wedding...gorgeous! Buttons really can be luxurious.



{Photo Source: Jen Kroll via In Any Event}

~Happy Thursday!

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