Interactive Maps For Your Guests

How many times have you seen little clippings of papers fall out of wedding invitations and/or stacks of black and white maps at ceremonies directing guests where to go next? We love it when we can involve the guest as much as possible throughout the entire process, so when one of our October brides created this interactive map from, we loved the idea.


Little icons and adding pictures help point out all your spots of interest, including the ceremony site, reception venue, and hotels and restaurants. Add comments to tell your guests about places to go and things to do while they're in town too.



You can choose to leave the link on your wedding website (which, by the way, you can also create your website on too) or print it out for those that don't have computer or online access.

And to show you an example of a finished wedding map, here is our bride's for her fall wedding a few weeks ago:


Head over to to check out all the other tools they offer too- forums, guest and vendor managers, inspiration, and more.

~Happy Planning!

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