Pantone Accessories For Your Day

If you're anything like us, you sometimes go nuts trying to find the exact matching shade in various items. Continuity makes all the difference, so we deem it ok to go through color craziness at least once in your life (we say this because we're sure you'll do it again for the nursery a little later in life).

Thanks to the Dessy Group, you'll have even less searching to do. Using Pantone colors (which are practically the  Holy Grail when it comes to color and design), they've come up with perfectly-matching accessories that you or your bridesmaids can wear. From pashminas for the chilly winter and early spring weddings, to hair flowers in all shades, to fabulous little clutches that any girl would swoon over.





Dessy doesn't stop there either- bowties, vests, and even matching shoes are available for the guys in the wedding. Our favorite part about all of these ideas is that they double as gifts that will be used again after the wedding.

1.& 2. Wedding Pashmina, made out Merino Wool & Silk, $32

3. Chiffon Hair Flower- $14

4. Taffeta Ruffle Clutch, $22

~Happy Planning!

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