My 2010 List Of Thanks


2010 has so far, been one of the best years to me. I've had to work hard to get where I needed to be, but it has been extremely fulfilling to see the end results. My business has grown leaps and bounds, I've become more comfortable with myself and my goals, and my family life has been amazing. This blog has also been a huge part of my good ways. So I thought it would be only natural to post all my thanks on it today :) Here are my top few that come to mind:

1. First and foremost I'm so thankful for my son. It's true what they'll never know love the way you do when you look into your child's eyes.

2. My hubby is right up there too. You've been a strong shoulder to lean on, an umbrella for the rain, and my constant supporter.

3.  My girls. As in, my Soiree girls (Samantha, Annie, and Michelle). You have all taught me SO much this year. It was one of the scariest moments to bring someone on into my crazy little world of wedding planning. A combination of feeling incompetent as a manager and leader, fear of teaching the wrong things, all the while still keeping the business afloat. So thanks, girls, for accepting me as is and for being such a rock to Soiree this year. Couldn't have done it without you all!

4. Could I have this list without mentioning all our brides? I live vicariously through all of you each year, and I feel so lucky to have such a fabulous job. Love working with you all.

5. Twitter, Face Book, and social media as a whole. I know, sounds weird to be thankful for something like that, but these platforms have catapulted not only my business, but also my knowledge and confidence. I've met some great Twitter and blogging friends, and discovered some invaluable advice via business and wedding planning blogs.  Thank you, friends!

And now for some (slightly) materialistic things I'm thankful for (I can't lie, folks):

* My label maker. Yep, just finally got one (I purchased the Brother P-Touch 1290), and I've been a labeling machine. My pantry is a rockstar (resembles a Real Simple pantry) at the moment, and our wedding files have a new look about them. Just ask Annie, she appreciated my excitement ;)

* My new cognac boots. I've been searching for the *perfect* fall boot since early summer. Well, as close to perfect as I'll come...the $500 pair were just a little out of budget this year. Oh, and FYI: I got mine on sale at Macys for $74.99:



Hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving, and enjoy your time with family and friends!

{Photo}: via The Venture

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