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 * Note: This post has been edited and updated with a tutorial of tossing cones at the bottom*

Our Chanel-Inspired photo shoot was featured pretty much 2 weeks ago, and in my excited state, I blindly promised you a behind-the-scenes look into creating the shoot, as well as a tutorial on the fabric tossing cones. And that was pretty much 2 weeks ago. So, first up: apologies and thank yous to everyone that is still around after not seeing the promised post several Wednesdays in a row. I told you about our biggest project in the works- our new brand- on Monday, and that coupled with a wedding, another style shoot, and a few other projects that took precedence, time slipped away from me.

So without further adieu, here are our how-to's and how it came to be. As I was looking back through the beautiful photos by Tana Photography, I realized it ironically looks like it could be a royal wedding. Gold and intricate filigree details? Pearls and baubles? Lush flowers...while not extremely over the top, it could pass as royalty. So let's just pretend I planned it this way :)

Step 1. Finding Inspiration

This style shoot actually started out as a tribute to Valentine's Day. The only things I knew when we started designing was that it needed to be romantic. Then one day, going through my jewelry stand I noticed this bauble diamond necklace. From there, the necklace was the basis for designing the rest of the shoot. Just proves inspiration can be from anywhere.


Step 2. Next came the design board. I always do a design + idea board for every wedding or event I design; it not only helps me focus on what I need to pull it all together, but it also helps vendors and clients understand the vision too.


Step 3. Prop Shopping. From here we start collecting our vendors and items for the actual shoot. The flowers, all by Boise At Its Best were incredible- I came to her with our design board, and asked her to make it as lush and big as possible. We worked closely with her to pick out the flowers..the right shades, types, and of course the pretty little wax flowers because I had to have some black in there.


The napkins were actually made by us- I scoured the city of Boise for the perfect black and white striped fabric. The only thing better would have been a pearl napkin tie or maybe a rhinestone embellishment on the bottoms..afterthoughts.

Step 4. Tiny details. We've all seen tossing cones before...but have they been fabric and with tiny details like pink pearl buttons and velvet pink ribbon? I love to put that extra tiny touch on anything I can. The first one was a little time consuming, but once I got the hang of it, the rest of the cones came easily.




The gold favor boxes were actually cardboard picture frames spray painted gold, and we even tried to carry the theme of baubles and pearls all the way through to the chocolate truffles.

The entire shoot took us almost 5 hours, with 2 of it being in set up alone, but it was a blast working with all of the vendors to make it happen:

Tana Photography
Ampersand Studios
Boise At Its Best
Brown Party Rental
Chic Boutique
The Chocolat Bar
Miss Tami's Tea Cottage

Since the original feature on Style Me Pretty, the photo shoot has also been featured over at the Blow Out Party Blog too, so be sure to take a peek! Now that I've fulfilled my promise of our behind-the-scenes look at pulling the shoot together, I have to be honest and say I realized I did not take any photos of putting the cones together. However, I can give you this template for the cones themselves; after securing the paper, take a square of fabric and work to tuck it in the top and along the seam on the front. From there, trim any excess fabric that is too long to tuck in and use your hot glue to secure. Finally, take a piece of black or white cardstock and fold gently to just fit inside the top portion of your cone. This will hide your fabric overage; don't worry about making sure the cardstock goes all the way to the bottom- once you have flowers or petals it won't be noticeable! If you need more help or a better, step-by-step tutorial, please email us at  

Have a fabulous Wednesday!


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