Inspiring Photo No. 17

I thought this photo summed up not only the fabulous event that happened last week, but quite a few other things too:

photo via Santa Barbara Chic Blog

I personally still can't get over the large, and at times, bizarre hats worn to the Royal Wedding last week, and I actually want to be able to wear an over-the-top beauty like this when I get dressed up the next time. Think anyone would look at me oddly?

Besides a representation of one of the biggest events in the last 20 years, I also liked this photo because it represents some new things to come for us, Soiree. Like our new website and brand launch. Yes, it's true, we're essentially blowing up our website and rebranding the company entirely. It's actually a project that we've been working on since March, and we're so close to unveiling the fruits of our labor. Why this photo? Because I think you'll notice a much more grown up, classically sophisticated, stylish feel to the new website. I've spent some time this year really assessing what Soiree stands for, my personality, my team's personality (we're all so much alike- I'm so lucky to have found them!), and what type of bride we work with the best. The pink, pink, pink just isn't cutting it anymore.

So be watching this month as we work to show it all off to you; you'll likely see some of it in bits and pieces, like our brand new event shirts we'll be wearing this weekend at our spring wedding. May has so much in store, be sure to follow along!


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