Wedding Wednesday | Wedding Tree Guest Books

Our brides are always asking us for new ideas to the guest book; so many are wanting to stay away from the traditional sign-in version that tends to sit on a shelf for years just collecting dust. The signing picture matte is always nice, as is the wishing tree, but when this popped into my email box I was ecstatic.

These wedding tree guest books, hand-drawn by Boise artist Katie Cepek are a modern alternative to the usual guest book ideas. The drawings are beautiful and stylish enough for a frame and a spot on a wall in your house after the wedding, too. Another idea: imagine years after the wedding, when baby comes along- wouldn't it be sweet to include this in the nursery as a loving statement to the beginning of your lives together?



PaperTwig is Katie's Etsy shop and it features pre-made and custom designs for you choose from. Take a peek!

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