Wedding Wednesday | Custom Chalk Lettering

One of the biggest trends in 2011 spring and summer weddings has been chalkboards- used as menus, place cards, and even seating diagrams. We loved the artsy twist on the trend with this chalk lettering:

Via Besotted Brand Blog

We can see these pretty little works of art gracing your wedding via the sign in table, a backdrop or photo opp, or even a beautifully displayed menu. The above lettering was done by Dana Tanamachi and is a professional chalk letterer, but you can find the same effect by hiring a local artist to drum up your perfect letter art.


And an even better idea? Spray the chalkboard art with a clear varnish coat to preserve the image to hang on your wall after the wedding- a beautiful souvenir!

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Tana Photography said...

I had a bride this summer who used mini (paper) chalkboard labels on her jar-like drinking glasses at the cocktail hour. Guests could write their names on their drinks! Love chalkboards, retro and stylish.


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