Weekly Faves

 For me, this week was all about getting back into working out, being healthy, and being sane.


Fage Greek yogurt is my absolute favorite go-to Greek goddess. I like to mix this with honey and fruit or one of the Davinci sugar free syrups. For any of you watching your sugar and carb intake, but love your yogurt, this is the way to go.

Lara Bars are a beautiful thing. I discovered these when I was pregnant with my kiddo and needed fast snacks without sacrificing my diet. These bars are all natural, with nary a word you can't pronounce. Bonus- you can find a variety pack of these at Costco.

I've been hearing more and more about these Lululemon yoga pants. I try to do my hot yoga at least twice a week, and need a good pair that will last all the washing.

Finally, this Mentha Lip Gloss is amazing in every way- good breath freshener too.

What are you favorites right now?

~ Brandi

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