Numero Uno!

Well I just had to throw this post in...I was so excited to see that a Beagle won the Westminster Dog Show 2008; a first for the breed! Why am I so interested you ask? Because I am a self-proclaimed Beagle sucker. I happen to have two of my own, 2 1/2 year old Chloe and 6 month old Bella. I consider these little food-lovin, sniff-happy hounds to be my "dog-ters" (my husband is rolling his eyes right now, I know it), so I was delighted to see Uno the Beagle win. Chloe and Bella were also in congratulatory spirits; as Uno howled at his applause, my Beags felt the need to join in. I'm sure the neighbors were excited!

Here is some footage from the show by ABC News (Chris McGrath/Getty Images):


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