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As we continue to play catch up from our short week last week (McCall weddings will do that to you- four day office weeks!), we stumbled across these links from around the web to peruse as you go into your weekend:

* Think Splendid is conducting a National Wedding Survey as well as a Honeymoon Survey- each will give insight as to how brides are buying and making their decisions regarding their plans. The honeymoon survey is open to anyone that has ever been on a honeymoon regardless of when you were married. So if you have some time on this rainy Spring weekend, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and spend 10-15 minutes filling out the surveys.

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* Love this post from Aestate on how to cozy up a guest room. Most of our brides are planning their new homes along with their weddings- this is a good place to start as you register for each room in the house.

* This tipping sheet and tipping etiquette post from Southern Weddings Magazine is just great, and right on.

* Norah Jones is coming to the Idaho Botanical Gardens in August, and tickets go on sale today. We'll be there- hope to see you too!

Any big plans for this weekend? Do let us know in the comments if you know of anything we shouldn't be missing!

~Happy Friday!

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