Happy Birthday...

...To our very own Kim Weatherill! You may or may not know this, but Kim is not only one of our interns this season, but also my little sister. Kim is studying graphic design and is doing a spectacular job at handling some of our marketing and branding efforts this year, along with keeping us all laughing all the time. Funny girl she is. Well today is her 21st birthday- so if you see her out tonight or this weekend, feel free to buy her a birthday drink.

And in honor of her birthday a few little ditties about Kim that you may or may not have known:

Favorite thing to eat?
U-Swirl frozen yogurt! (Vanilla with lots of toppings!)

What can't you live without at the moment?
Liquid eyeliner and my Clinique Chubby Stick colored lip balm- Mega Melon is my color :) 

Favorite pair of shoes?
That’s a toss up between my TOMS and my Steve Madden boots!

Talent/Something people don’t know about you? (note: we couldn't pick just one)

-I used to clog!
-I am a Vandal! And I was in a sorority
-I’ve ran 4 half marathons
-My best friend’s birthday is the day after mine
-I was born in Hawaii (lucky)
-I’ve never had a cavity! (I didn't either..until I was 26. We'll chat when you get there.)

Happy birthday lil sis- love ya!



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