The Revamped Costume Party

I stumbled across this beautiful table and party theme while perusing the lovely blog Camille Styles
It's quirky and perfectly fun for the holiday season. Every year there's the traditional Halloween parties with full costumes, ghost and goblin decor, and finger food (really, cookies that look like chopped off fingers!) While those are always fun I thought this was a different yet still festive way to celebrate. Pick a theme, I'm loving this one inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" play it up with fun details like this adorable bird perch, and have your friends dress in costume to fit the theme. The rest of the images can be found here. Those vintage outfits, little bird cookies, caramel apples...looks like it made for quite the soiree! Now it has me wanting to plan one of my own. So instead of sitting around waiting for those trick or treaters to knock on your door, get your friends together and get festive!

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