Sunday Soiree | Peas, Pasta and Kale, Oh My!

Images: Fresh Mint and Pea PastaMeyer Lemony PastaSpaghetti with Kale

Hello and Happy New Year!

While home visiting family for the holidays, I tried to fit in as much lounging, champagne sipping, and treat eating as possible. Because, as everyone knows, come January 1st, the resolutions begin! I seem to always make a few too many than I could ever possibly keep up. As I write this blog post, glass of bubbly in hand, I figured this year I should make a few reasonable resolutions. Eating more healthy and nutritious is always on the list but this year to make it a bit more manageable, why not enjoy a colorful pasta dish as opposed to a salad sans dressing. While searching around the blog world for recipes I came up with a few great ones. All three of these pasta options are fresh and simple. You can follow a recipe or easily come up with your own version using what you have on hand. This is a resolution I think I can follow!

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