Some History Behind Wedding Traditions

I am a sucker for history and as we blaze through wedding season and I witness all of the amazing wedding day highlights, I find myself wondering why some of these traditions exist. Here is some insight into a few of those significant little details that make your wedding day so very special.
1. The Bridal Bouquet

Brides used to walk down the aisle with different herbs to ensure that she was protected against anything that would create bad luck or sickness. Unfortunately, those herbs included dill and garlic which didn't have that great of an aroma. Brides modified this tradition and started to use beautiful floral arrangements making the bridal bouquet what it is today. The flowers also stand for fertility and happiness and well smell a bit better too!

2. The Wedding Ring

The wedding ring dates back to Roman times, although the whole diamond aspect didn't come along until the 1920s. It is one of those traditions that has stood the test of time. The Romans believed that the ring finger had a vein in it that went straight to the heart and that the circle represented eternity. Now how romantic is that!!

3. The Best Man

The meaning of the best man is somewhat different today than it was in the past. In history, the best man was a strong and reliable fighter chosen to guard the groom so as to ensure no other man could steal the groom's bride. When the women became scarce in certain towns, the bachelors would become quite desperate. Thank goodness those barbaric ways are in the past!

So when planning your special day keep in mind all the great stories behind those little details.
Happy Friday!

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