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I am always looking for cute new ways to organize my crazy busy life! Here are a few tips that I'm planning to try myself! Hope you find them helpful!

I LOVE movies and have a ton! I get really sick of looking at all the DVDs lined up on my bookshelf though. It is NOT attractive. Try this cute and practical tip that can declutter any shelf!

Love this idea, it's my favorite! This fab DIY enthusiast purchased these clipboards from a dollar store, then covered them in scrap wallpaper. There are some very stylish wrapping paper options out there as well. These can be used to organize to-do lists, recipes, bills, even photos or design inspiration! It's a cure all for the mess of papers on your desk!

If you're a pack rat like me and refuse to get rid of the clothes that you're convinced you'll wear again, this tip may help you kick that habit. First flip all of your hangers backwards. After you've worn something face the hanger forward in its normal position. Anything left facing backward after a year? Say a few words in commemoration, then toss it into the donation pile:) Sometimes we just need a little motivation:)

Happy organizing!

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