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We know it's just as important for those gentlemen to look and feel dapper on their special day, and that's why we're super excited to feature this fabulous clothing line for men!  So happy Bonobos sent us some photos- the minute I checked out the line, I was in love. They offer so many different colors and patterns and just overall handsome designs for all the fellas, and best yet? The Spring Suit Collection, a line of seersucker and cotton suits, the perfect compliment for the warm weather weddings we have coming up!

A little behind the curtain snippet from the brand themselves: 
"Bonobos is a clothing brand focused on delivering great fit, high energy, and superb customer experience. Launched in 2007 on the Internet with its signature line of better-fitting men’s pants, Bonobos is now the largest apparel brand ever built on the web in the United States."

They are so great in helping to find the perfect attire for the big day, with these awesome customer service reps called Ninjas, Guideshops that offer personalized service one on one, and Groomservice, to help set up appointments and find the perfect look and fit for all those groomsmen, and of course the groom, for the big day! Not in New York? No problem- this company is used to suiting up guys all over the states- just give them a call and they'll get you set up. 

I seriously hope to see some of you guys rocking these looks at those warm weddings this year. From simple, patterned, light, classic, all the styles are perfect. Check out the full site- from another one of our favorites, the Slim Shop, find shoes, to everyday wearables- just in time for spring. And here's the real treat, 20% off your purchase if you're a new customer, so use it before it's up! Promo code, NEWCUSTOMER20 at Bonobos.

I hope you love it as much as we do!

Happy day,

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