Lovely trends for 2008

As we near the beginning of "High Wedding Season" here in Boise, I thought I'd take some time to reflect on some of the trends we'll expect to see this season.


The in color this year is hands-down: Gray. While the gorgeous chocolate brown is still a popular choice, we'll be seeing this smokey, sultry color pairing up with an array of complementary shades...and each will bring a drastically different feel to your party. Pair with striking yellow for a mod, clean look; plum for the romantic in you, and when you bring black into the mix you've achieved a cross between vintage "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and a modern lofty feel.


The brides in 2008 will be gushing about dresses with lots of different textures, fabrics, and patterns (sometimes all in the same dress!). Couture flowers, femine overlays such as organza, chiffon and even tulle are going to be on many of the dresses you'll see. Another trend that will grow into even more popularity this year? Color! Whether it is a "pop" of color in a sash or beading, or even the whole dress. The Black and White dress is especially popular this year as well. Read The Knot's wedding gown trend report Here:

Your Party:

One of the biggest trends I'm seeing is couples wanting to "jazz" up their buffets. Stations are the biggest hit right now, and I'm loving it. Your guests have undoubtedly been to more than a few wedding buffets in their lifetime, why not bring an element of surprise into their lives and have a few buffet stations at your reception! There are a couple of different ways to do it:

1) Have a different cuisine from around the world at each station: a pasta station, perhaps a sushi bar, an american cuisine (why stop at prime rib? Get creative!! If you're known for your love of cheeseburgers or your family is from the South and you love fried chicken...bring it in!!!), and maybe a dessert station.

2) Make each station a meal "course". So maybe a salad station (leafy greens with an assortment of dressings, tossed pasta salads, potato salads, etc), an hors d'oeuvres station (either a small assortment of items such as crudites, finger foods, or even a nice soup they can choose to pair with their meal), a main course (carving station with a beef, chicken, and seafood option, and even a vegetarian dish is nice to offer here), and finally a dessert station.

There are many ways to do it, but one thing remains the same: I love stations because they encourage mingling and socializing, and they reduce lines dramatically. Oh and they are just a cool idea.

Another trend I'm seeing, which i'm practically on my knees thanking the heavens for, is that couples are spending a little extra to bring decor to their buffet tables as well. To make a buffet table visually appealing, you need to think in terms of extra linens (so that your caterer can "cloud"....that's an industry term for using extra linens or fabric to create a billowy, cloudy effect around the chafing dishes, platters, and food. Looks so much better than a fitted linen and a bunch of silver boxes sitting on top of it. Trust your wedding planner on this one.), and also bringing your signature floral or other decor to this table. I don't know about you, but when I walk into a reception that is decked to the nines, and then I see this eye sore..I mean, buffet table, in white linen with nothing else on it, it kind of ruins it for me. When you plan to have a few arrangements on your buffet table, rest assured, that even after the dinner hour has passed, we can find another great place for your arrangements to be used. It just really helps to keep everything uniform.


Bring on the cover bands! I'm loving this as well, because it's really bringing "fun" to a wedding. A cover band will be able to play tunes that most all of your guests will appreciate, from young to old. This = packed dance floor!

I'm also seeing a trend of "changing it up" so to speak. Maybe a great jazz band or trio for your dinner and cocktail hour, and then either a band (I've seen the likes of cover bands all the way to parody bands here!) or a dj to really kick up the party.


Lots of charitable donations and really personalized items this year. This is really a great thing, because finally, a favor will have much more meaning, and your guests will appreciate this! Whether you choose to gift your guests items that mean the world to you and your fiance, or you make a donation in their name, or even if you choose to send them home with a midnight snack, the favor has definitely evolved from the old picture frame and personalized match book days....


Finally, couples are becoming aware of the need to be more socially responsible. We're seeing much more organic and locally grown fare, less paper waste (recycled paper, real china and silverware), and favors that support the earth (gifted seeds, bulbs, etc). I have been vehemently researching the ways to make your party more eco-friendly, because if you can pull off a gorgeous party and help save the earth while you're at it, what more could a well knowing bride ask for??

These are just some of the great trends we'll be seeing in 2008. If you ask me, it's a great year to get married!

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