Organized Chaos

The term "organized chaos" might be something you'd hear if you were stuck in the back room with a bunch of wedding planners: we often refer to weddings as organized chaos. Why? Because a wedding employs several elements that *could* lead to potential disaster if you're not on top of them: Lots of people that don't know where to go or what they're doing, a timeline of events to get through, and a list of vendors that need to operate as a team.

So when a bride expresses her disdain at the idea of having escort cards or a seating chart, visions of confused guests with deer-in-headlight looks on their face cross my mind. Not at all matching up with the mingling the bride is envisioning.

Kelly Ashworth, of Kelly Ashworth Designs recently posted about this very issue, and she found a great solution: Martha Stewart. Martha is now offering a great tool online to make creating your seating chart or diagram less of a chore.

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Here in Idaho, buffet style meals are very popular, and therefore there is often not any assigned seating. I still always recommend to my clients that they at least assign tables (guests can sit anywhere at the table) to cut down a little on the bottle neck phenomenon.

Happy Planning!

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