Event Planning 101: Creating Your Custom Stationery Suite

Personalizing your wedding or event should always include your stationery and paper products. Your invitations will give your guests an idea of what to expect from your event, and other custom paper products, like table cards, favor tags, labels, and the like will further the continuity and personal feel of your wedding.

If you're like many, however, creating something from scratch can be a little daunting, even when you do work with a professional graphic designer or company.

Shanna Chuma, owner of Envy Design Studios, is the resident graphic designer for Soiree (and is the fabulousness behind many of the custom paper products you'll see in a Soiree wedding); she has graciously put together some common questions brides and clients have when designing their stationery, and should help you to know what to expect when creating your dream suite!


Wedding colors are important. They set the mood and tone of your big day. It is important to
think about what colors you would like to see on your invitation because the more colors you
use, the more expensive it will cost to print them. In printing, there are one, two, and four color
printing processes. The more colors you use, the more expensive it will cost to print them. Most
wedding invitations have two colors. If you would like to have more than two colors in your
wedding, a good way to break up the colors is to use them on each of the different invitation
pieces. For example, use your main color on the actual invitation itself, then the complimentary
colors on the RSVP and reception cards. You could also throw another color in by using a
colored envelope.


Having an overall design idea and theme in mind for your invitation will help the design
process tremendously. If you have an idea in mind, but are having troubles putting it together,
your graphic designer will help you make your idea come to life by asking you questions, and creating a process of elimination through pictures and portfolio designs- helping you both determine what you like and don't. By having a basic idea of the design you'll want to create, it will also help in providing an accurate quote for the job.


Wedding invitation wording is also important, there are many etiquette rules behind the wording
of the wedding invitation. Your graphic designer will be able to help you along with this process. To start it is helpful for you to send me a list of names (bride, groom, and parents of both), a list of locations and addresses for the wedding & reception sites is also helpful.


Most graphic design companies and freelance designers will charge a per-hour rate. Normally, at the initial consultation, your graphic designer will take all of the details that will need to be included in your stationery, plus the designs you've discussed, and they will provide you a quote based on the estimated time to complete the project. By having an idea in mind for the suggestions above, you'll be provided the most accurate quote possible.

Important Questions To Ask Before You Hire:

* Will you handle the printing for me?

Most graphic design firms will handle the entire project from start to finish, including the printing process. Some may provide this service as an A La Carte service, so it's best to ask.
* What is your hourly rate?

*How many proofs am I allowed?

* May I see your portfolio?
Happy Planning!
{Have other stationery questions for Shanna? Email them to blog@weddingsbysoiree.com and we'll feature them in a future post}

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