Guests To Honor With A Flower

It can be so confusing when ordering flowers, and trying to make sure you don't offend anyone by not providing a flower. A general guide when to corsages and boutonnieres for your guests is as follows:

* Immediate Family: The "immediate" stops at about your grandparents- so your parents, siblings, and grandparents. Sometimes, if you're particularly close to an aunt or uncle, it's nice to honor them as well. Remember that any spouse of an honored guest also gets a flower.

* Readers or speakers: Anyone that has a part in the ceremony needs a flower.

* Officiant: Although some will choose not to wear their flower due to their robe, it's still good etiquette to offer them one.

* Any other guests you want to visually honor: Close family friend, a cousin that can be considered your best friend.

Finally, a nice tip for corsages: I always prefer a wrist corsage or a small bouquet for your honored lady guests; the traditional pinned corsages are so heavy, and often need to be pinned on to a bra strap to prevent them from drooping. Many women wear silk and other delicate fabrics and tend to cringe when we have to place two large floral pins into them.

- Happy planning!

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