Nordstrom Makeup For 1.00

Nordstrom is buying out the entire line of ELF (Eyes, Lips, Face) brand cosmetics, and will need to re-brand everything with Nordstrom's logo so they are offering almost everything at 1.00. If you are a girl, you must go now. Eye liners, brushes, custom lip combos, mineral make up and even bath and body. Kits go for well below retail value; anything from 4.00- 40.00. Just go to the ELF website and start shopping!

Here's how you save even more: at checkout, there is a space for the coupon code: CAROLINA..enter it to save another 50% off your order (up to $15.00). You'll still have to pay shipping and handling, but this coupon all but zeros it out.

With all the savings, your dream wedding look is all but a click away...

Happy planning, and happy shopping too!

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