5 DIY Fixer-Uppers

Sometimes you just get in a pinch and you don't have what you need- whether you're at your wedding, dinner party, at the mall, or getting ready for a meeting. I love finding new uses for old things- here are 5 conventional items that pretty much everyone has in their home or purse:

Instant Oatmeal: Go ahead and plan your girls' night in...paint your toes with nail polish you already have, put in girly movies, and create an insta-facial with a packet of oatmeal. Warm water and oatmeal will work to not only soothe your skin, but will also hydrate too. Spa night recessionista style!

Lip Balm: Flyaways or unruly eyebrows trying to make a crash appearance at your wedding? Use a little chapstick to smooth them down and take control.

Wire Hanger: Sure wire has gone a little to the wayside with plastic and wood hangers becoming more preferred for the container-store-worthy-closets, but if you dryclean anything, you're sure to have at least one of these around. By running the hanger along the outside and underneath a misbehaving garment, you'll decharge static cling. Bonus: no having to use chemicals to do it.

Spray Bottle (with water): A handy little gem to carry around on your wedding day, especially if you'll be wearing a tulle gown. Tulle is known for its clingy properties, and it's ability to pick up every imaginable string in a 10 mile radius from where you're standing. A little spritz of water and a shake on your part and the strings and other paraphenalia you've picked up will simply drop right out. Another great use is for spritzing your finicky flowers in the heat of summer- like hydrangea- a wilty bouquet will perk right up.

The Spongey Doodads From Your Drycleaning: You know, the gray, spongey stuff that helps to keep the shoulders of your blazers and suit coats looking spiffy? Well peel those right off and throw them in a drawer- they work wonders to remove deoderant stains.

Happy planning!

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