What Have I Done For You Lately

A prospective bride recently asked me a question that literally almost stumped me. She asked me to describe situations in which I was able to "save the day"...in other words, she wanted to hear extreme situations in planning weddings where a wedding planner was a necessity.

This question is fine- I always encourage brides to ask any questions they want at a consultation- but the problem here was that I really didn't have too many answers for her. And as we wrapped up and parted ways, I realized that it was a good thing that I didn't have many answers. After all, if I had had a list of things that had gone so wrong that the day would have been ruined without me, doesn't that mean I wasn't doing my job in the first place?

As a wedding consultant I wear so many hats: financial planner, mediator, counselor, director, project manager, designer, and sounding board....sometimes these are worn all at once. But one of my main job descriptions is to prevent. A good coordinator will take and know the preventative steps to ensure a day without any hiccups. I won't ever tell you that weddings are meant to be perfect, but what I will tell you that if anything goes wrong, it is small enough that we can take care of it instantly, and many times without you or your guests even knowing about it.

A good coordinator will be able to describe to you all the little, behind the scenes tasks that must be done in order to ensure a smooth, flowing Big Day. And they may seem trivial to you, but understand that they are usually worth gold to your vendors and all involved. Be weary of anyone that can list off several situations of dissaray- I promise you a knowledgeable consultant won't have near that many.


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