5 Wedding Party Myths

Your wedding attendants should be people that you ideally plan to have in your life forever; the best wedding parties are those comprised of close friendships, a long history, and lots of love. But what to do if your groom wants more attendants than you do? Here are 5 common myths about choosing and arranging your bridal party that you can finally put to rest:

* You Must Have Even Numbers On Both Sides:

Did you know the origin of the "Bridesmaid" was actually to help ward off evil spirits and other dangers from the bride? What started out as a means of protection has turned into a photo opportunity- more and more brides insisting on an even number of attendants for the pictures. Fortunately, this trend is finally going to the wayside (and hopefully quietly excusing itself for good). It is perfectly fine to have an uneven number- say 4 and 6- your guests won't notice or care and you'll be standing with only the people you truly want with you.

* Your Best Friend Is Actually A Male (Or Female):

Perfect! More and more brides and grooms alike are standing next to their best friends- whether they are the opposite sex or not. Choosing a "Best Woman" or "Man (or Dude) of Honor" is completely acceptable and becoming more and more commonplace. It's also just fine to have your Dude of Honor wear a suit or tux and stand with the gals, just as is having your Woman of Honor wear a nice black dress and stand with the guys.

* We Have To Have Attendants

There is no rule at all that says in order to be married, you must include attendants. Some couples find it's too hard to choose, and others prefer to be in the moment completely with each other. If you still wish to include your closer friends in the ceremony in some way, assign duties such as reading a speech, singing a song, or helping to escort guests to their seats. As always, just remember to honor anyone having any part in the ceremony with a flower.

* Our Attendants Have To Be Friends

More and more, fathers, mothers, children, and even grandparents are stepping up to be a part of the wedding party. If your best friend is your 2nd cousin, once removed, by all means please include them in your party.

* Children Must Be Either A Flower Girl Or Ring Bearer

Oftentimes kids in weddings are a little too old to be either a flower girl or ring bearer, so allowing them to either be a groomsman or a Junior Bridesmaid is a better option. Not only does it make them feel better, it will look better than a 10 or 12 year old dropping petals down the aisle. Brides can also consider having their children escort them down the aisle, rather than the tradition of having a father or other father figure fill in for the job.

Keeping your ceremony personalized and all about you and your groom is key, and the decisions you make should be all about that. It's okay to include some traditions into your day, but at the end of the day make sure you're not putting more into what "should" be, than what could be.

~Happy planning!

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