Style Quiz: Ethan Allen Pegs Your Style

When designing a wedding, I often turn to interior decorating magazines, my Benjamin Moore fandeck, and other blogs. So when I ran across this fun Ethan Allen style quiz via the Young House Love blog (need to add them to the blogroll, seriously!), I took it immediately. My results? Actually quite spot on!

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Like John over at Young House Love, I too received my style determination as "The Loft". My close second was the Glamour Style. I'm pretty much impressed with the site.

Why post this on a wedding blog? Because not only are the graphics and pictures of the style rooms gorgeous, they can really help you hone in on your personal style, which will lead to a more complete style vision for your wedding.

Happy Planning!

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SimplyGrove said...

Hey! Great blog. I found you on Treasure Valley blogs. I am a local design blogger myself and thought I would say hello!

Soiree said...

Hello! Glad you found us- we're heading over to your blog now :)


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