All In The Details

I'm a self-proclaimed detail-obsessed individual. It's not uncommon for me to spend way too much time on the internet or in a store comparing items like ribbon or snapping pictures down the store aisle to compare later. I can't help it- I think it's the littlest details that just make a party and bring the feeling.

The past few weeks we've been getting ready for the bridal show, and with that comes sorting through our portfolio again for pictures we want to use. I came across some of my favorite detail shots, and wanted to share some with you.

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Marking the Bride and Groom's chairs makes a pretty photo opp.

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Can't forget about Bear. We love that he came dressed for the occasion too.

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We loved how this 'M' made reappearances throughout the wedding.

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And that wedding happens to be one of my good friends Kristin, who also has her own sweet blog, Inspired Designer.

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Who says your kids table can't be fancy and dressed up too? Still fitting for the party, but lots of fun for the kiddies with crayons, toys, and yummy frosted monogram cookies.

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And since this was an Irish wedding, we sent the ring bearer down with a Celtic knot instead of the traditional pillow.

Details can be tiny or big- just make sure your wedding or party has lots of them!

Happy Planning!


Photos 1-2, Tana Photography

Photos 2-3, Soiree

Photos 3-4, Cristi Dame Photography

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