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Candles are the easiest way to get that romantic, ambient look- you know, the one where the room seems to glow magically, it looks instantly warm even on a winter's night, yet still playful and full of life in the middle of summer. Here are some tips to keep in mind, for whatever types of candles you're using, and for whichever type of occasion.

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1. If you're using real tea light candles, freeze them first. Freezing them will actually extend their burn time by as much as several hours.

2. Choose unscented candles. As much as you love your Gardenia scented Yankees, prominent aromas will actually mix (and not in a good way) with aromas from food. It can actually affect the taste of the food to the guest!

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3. Cut the wicks to about a 1/4 inch from the wax. Not only does this extend the burn time, but will also reduce the possibility of unruly flames.

4. Decide when to use real or battery-operated. Your venue may dictate this for you, or the battery operated variety just may be safer in some situations. If you're having an outdoor wedding in the summer, some areas will have burn-bans during certain months. Just be sure to do your homework! Another situation that's best for battery-operated candles? Down the aisle.
Preston Bailey shares one of his experiences with live candles lining an aisle here.

Finally, get creative- no one says you have to stay with the same votive candle holders:

-Consider using large cylinder vases with small candles at the bottom to add an unexpected decor element.

-Wrap vases or votives in tissue paper to add a pop of color, while still letting the light come through.

-Make your own hanging votives- anything from used mason jars to bubble bowl vases with a small neck will do. Click here for a DIY tutorial on the hanging votives below, featured on Style Me Pretty.

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~Happy Planning!


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