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I seem to be inspired by graphic patterns lately- I love mixing and matching them with solids, stripes, and colors. They give guests something to look at- something interesting. When you mix other coordinating table top items, the look becomes seamless and eclectic even if nothing is technically "matching".

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Graphic patterns are also lovely when you have either very few colors (like one or two as in the photo above) or when you're going with a monochromatic theme. It adds a little bit more interest than if you had stayed with just solids.

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How about you? What things are you loving right now?


#1 & 2: Via Design Public
#3: via Dwell Studio

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Katherine Robinson said...

Hi Brandi!

I'm a Boise girl who spends 10 months out of the year in Bali making vintage reproduction dresses, mostly for weddings a la Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, for clients all over the world.

During my recent visit to Boise, I teamed up with a brilliant, award- winning local photography team and we took some remarkable photos on a lovely Boise model in the breathtaking, newly-refurbished capital building. I'd love to show them to you!

I don't see a contact for you here on your blog. Would love to show you these stunning pics. I think you'd be delighted to see something like this that was created in Boise. Is there some way I could contact you?

Katherine Robinson


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