Stylish Outdoor Entertaining

I don't know about you, but there's something so exciting about watching the weather change into spring- makes you want to get outside! While it's still a little chilly here in Boise, there have been some afternoons that staying in the house just wasn't an option. So lately my thoughts have been wandering to all things outside...including picnics and spring parties.

Outdoor Tins For Your Picnic

Outdoor Picnic Bowls

Stylish Outdoor Trays

Aren't these picnic items fun and updated? Not your momma's picnic basket. These would be great for camping (who says camping and the mountains can't be stylish?), a lunch in the park, or even just spring entertaining in your own back yard.

The set is from Nkuku, and can be found on Not On The High Street.

Modern Picnic Accessories

For more traditional picnic accessories with a modern update, check out this set by Navy and Lavender.

Now go put on a sundress and an oversized hat and throw a picnic party!

~Happy Planning!


#1- Via Nkuku,

#2,3- Nkuku, via Kim Vallee

#4- Via Navy and Lavender

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