Fabric Flowers for Weddings, Parties, And Life

I have a thing for flowers. I especially love how charming a flower can be when it's made out of fabric. That's why I've decided these flowers are pretty much the most perfect accessory, and to be honest, I want one. Pretty badly.


Even your groom can appreciate a little art!


You can even add your "Something Blue".


And your bridesmaids can be festive too.


Emersonmade also offers different styles and sizes of flowers for other occasions- parties and gifts with cute little tags.

Visit their website to see more- add the flowers to your shoes, jacket, hair or belts. Or carry a floral clutch on your wedding day. And don't forget to check out their decor line for parties and home as well- they feature fabric flags, flower garlands and more.

Finally, if any one would like to gift me with one of these, I'll take this one:


~Happy Planning!

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