Inspired By...Orange

With Pantone's signature color being turquoise this year, I couldn't be happier with all the coordinating palette options there are. Turquoise and brown, turquoise and green, turquoise and pink...possibilities are endless. But my favorite right now? Orange...especially paired with this fantastic blue hue.


Inspiration board from Keen To Be Seen.

Any shade of orange, from peach to vibrant orange would be a breath of fresh air for spring parties and weddings...


Orange inspiration from Snippet And Ink.

~Happy Planning!

1 comment:

Shira said...

MMmmm, that second inspiration board is simply delicious! It makes me think of orange creamsicles and fuzzy navels. Yumm!

The turquoise and orange is gorgeous too and would be perfect for a summer wedding here in Boise.

Thanks for the great ideas!


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