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This week's Feature Friday is all about two lovely ladies- Francesca and Nichole, better known as Ampersand Studios. Looking for fabulous photography? Check. Uber modern and stylish invitations? Check. Even letterpress? Check Check. Yes these girls have a lot to offer- and we love that it will always come with a lot of personality too!

Ampersand Studios

Ampersand [am-per-sand] noun a character or symbol (& or ) representing "and"----the joining or coming together of two or more things.

Francesca [fran-che-ska] & Nichole [ni-kohl] -nouns (see photo) owners of Ampersand Studios Design & Photography in Boise, Idaho

- How long have you been doing weddings?
Both of us have been shooting alone for about 3-4 years each and Ampersand Studios is going on its 2nd year. Being fairly new to the Boise wedding scene, we are still EXCITED and since we are the age of our demographic, we are able to maintain a fresh and modern perspective.

- What's your favorite thing about weddings?
Ampersand loves LOVE!!! There is something about knowing a couple is more in love that day than they ever were before...and it is really special that we get to be such a big part of that.

- Tell us one thing about yourself we'd be surprised to learn about you?
We drink a ridiculous amount of Diet Coke in our office...although Nichole is trying to quit.

- Favorite color?
What's it next to? Am I wearing it? Designing with it? Well we both tend to love this shade of yellowish fluorescent green (Pantone 389)...we painted the largest wall in our studio that color.

- Tully's, Moxie, or Starbucks?
Although we both hate the idea of supporting corporate America...Starbucks is the most consistent and convenient!! Sorry. When we can we do Dawson Taylor!! They should be on this list.

- Recommend a book we should read?
We love Chelsea Handler...all of her books are hilarious. We both also TiVo Chelsea Lately---we are big fans.

- What (or who) can't you live without? (product, article of clothing, personal item, person in your life, etc)
Designer Jeans....and Diet Coke.

- Tell us about a time you either made a mistake & learned from it, or felt fear or doubt (either in your personal life or business) and overcame it?
Nichole and Francesca are both impulsive personalities...which has lead us to taking a lot of chances that we probably wouldn't have taken if we each had different business partners. Although some decisions have been a bit scary and we have had to sacrifice a lot, we are both thankful that we just went for it because there is no way we would be rockin' so hard if we hadn't.

- So we know you are photographers and design stationery, could you tell us a little more about that?
Both of us have our Fine Arts degrees in Graphic Design and are passionate about design. When we started our company, we wanted to make sure that design was still going to be a big part of what we do. Since we were already photographing weddings, why not offer all of what we can do to for our brides? We have found that designing wedding stationery is a really fun way to challenge ourselves creatively. Since we design everything custom, it is really cool that we are imagining an event that hasn't taken place yet and interpreting into the first (and sometimes only) impression the guest will see. Then we can take the elements from the invitation and repeat it on more print materials throughout the wedding. It is like micro business branding!

Thanks Franny and Nichole- we love what you do and what you offer. For more information and to schedule a consultation to talk about your wedding or event, visit their fabulous website here.

These ladies will be back on Tuesday with some tips for you as well, so be sure to check back!

Happy Planning!

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Francesca Wilson said...

Thanks for the feature ladies! I still can't believe that I let Nichole talk me into giving you that photo! Haha, I am always the one that looks crazy. Brides if you are reading this--- Don't be scared of me please. I usually don't make that face!


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