From The Experts: Tips For Your Engagement Shoot

Last week we featured Francesca and Nichole from Ampersand Studios, and today the ladies are back with their best tips for the best engagement shoot. Here's the scoop on what to wear, what to do, and what not to do during your pre-wedding photography session:


Engagement Shoot Tips

You should have an engagement session with the same photographer that will be shooting your wedding....
Being wedding photographers, we structured our packages to come with an engagement shoot. We feel like this is such an important thing to take advantage of because it gives us a chance to get to know our couples. So many times we have been told that the client has already gotten their engagements done by a family friend or another photographer. We believe that although you may already have had your photos taken, you should still get another shoot by the photographer that will be shooting your wedding. It will give you a chance to work with the photographer and experience their proofing and technique prior to your wedding day. You can never have too many pictures of yourselves! What do you have to lose?
Plus: You should BOTH get to know your photographer-usually the groom chooses to bypass the several interviews the bride has with wedding photographers. Sometimes the initial consultation is the only face-to-face interaction a couple will have prior to the wedding day without an engagement shoot. This leaves very little time to get to know your photographer, and more importantly: for your photographer to get to know YOU! (There is nothing like showing up at a wedding and having NO IDEA who the groom is!) It will also make you feel more comfortable with your photographer and they will know what they can get away with on your wedding day! We have found that our shots of couples who took advantage of their engagement session turn out much more relaxed and personal on the wedding day than those who choose not to have the engagement session.

You should look like yourselves in your photos....
This is the year 2010...the days of professional hair and make up for your engagement photos are so 1994! You should look and feel like yourself in these photos. Your wedding day is the day to get all gussied up, we suggest that you do your hair and makeup the way you do it every day (with maybe an extra coat of mascara to make the eyes pop for the ladies). This is your chance to capture who you are as a couple and how you look and interact together. It should be more of a lifestyle documentation. When will you ever have the chance to have someone spy on you and your future spouse just love?

Hmm, what to wear....
It isn't a bad idea to wear your wedding colors, especially if you are including photos with your wedding invitations. If your colors are lime and fuchsia, your red polka-dot dress might not be the answer. This is a detail that many couples overlook and regret later on. Also, dress for your surroundings. If it is 52 degrees outside, you might need to bring a sweater. You don't want to be miserable, it will reflect in your photos. Also, you will probably have to do a good share of walking, so make sure you will be comfortable walking (and sometimes climbing, running, jumping...) without hurting yourself. Usually photographers don't mind if you bring a change of clothes, which I always suggest because it is a chance to change into something more comfortable and allows for more variety in your photos.

Have fun....
There is a reason you want to share the rest of your life with this person, so show us!

Thanks again ladies! Be sure to visit the Ampersand Studios website and their blog as well for more real weddings, real photo shoots, and stationery ideas.

~Happy Planning!

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