Birthday Wishes, Thanks, and Inspirations


Happy Thursday everyone! Well, for me, today is the day one normally thinks about and wishes away for a lifetime. Today I officially leave my 20's and enter a new decade of life. How do I feel about that? I don't know...will have to get back to you tomorrow after I've spent an entire day being {gasp} 30.

I decided today I would dedicate the blog to everything and everyone that inspires me, has pushed me to keep going (and not turn away and hide when the going gets tough), and most of all, makes me the person I am. And to be honest, it's taken much to long for me to come to grips about who I am...and that I need to be proud about that. Sound familiar to anyone else?

So on to some birthday thank-you's, some wishes I have, and all that inspires...

* Thank you to my beautiful mom for always being there for me.
* My family is my world- thank you for loving me.
* My baby boy has made my life that much more complete.
* Thank you to my brides, because my life is so fulfilled by you- I work for that ending result to where I can see your faces light up and your families come together over the experience.

* I wish for my next decade to be brimming with happiness, a little less worry, and a lot more laughter.
* Last year on my birthday, I held a wedding day giveaway contest- well we officially celebrated our winning couple's wedding this past Sunday {pictures to come, promise}! I wish for them so much happiness- they were such a beautiful couple to work with.

Happy Thursday, and here's to living life to the fullest and stopping to smell the flowers....

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Tana said...

Happy Birthday Brandi! Thirty is a good number. Not too young (anymore) and not too old (for anything)! I looked back on your list of 100 Things About You. We have #98 in common. Have a fabulously pink day.


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