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Today's Feature Friday post is one that I've been dying to post- Marni of Creative Custom Cardboxes has such a great business idea as well as a perfect solution to MIA gift cards at weddings and parties. I "met" Marni on Twitter last year, and I've loved watching her inventory and product line grow, and just seeing all the new and interesting boxes she creates. By the way- just this year Marni welcomed a new little gift- baby Ben!

- How long have you been creating these specialty card boxes?

I've been creating custom made card boxes since my own wedding on July 6, 2008. I loved making my own and guest love it too! Since then i've been working on custom card boxes and decor for 100s of brides!

- What's your favorite thing about weddings?

Do i have to pick just one thing? I love that people can get together to celebrate the love of two people and the union of two families. I love the party aspect and the happiness of the joyous occasion.
- Tell us one thing about yourself we'd be surprised to learn about you?

Some people know this but many might be surprised to know that i'm a classically trained professional singer. I studied opera and musical theater in college and throughout Europe, have my master's degree in education and teach voice lessons to all ages!

- Favorite color?

If i say pink will that sound trite? I love pink and red!

- Tully's, Moxie, or Starbucks?

Since i'm not familiar with the first 2, i'd say Starbucks. I have a pretty healthy Starbucks addiction...and i'm not even that big of a fan of coffee!

- Recommend a book we should read?

Totally not wedding industry related but i'm a huge fan of the "True Blood" series (Southern Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris)

- What (or who) can't you live without? (product, article of clothing, personal item, person in your life, etc)

Another trite answer but i cannot live without my husband Aaron. He keeps me sane and helps me so much in life and business. Of course I couldn't live without my new baby Ben either!
- Tell us about a time you either made a mistake & learned from it, or felt fear or doubt (either in your personal life or business) and overcame it?

I think life is a series of mistakes that we turn into learning experiences. I've made plenty of mistakes in life, business, and love but i'm proud to say that i've learned from each experience.

When starting my business I of course felt fear and doubt. I knew nothing at the time about the wedding industry, about business or even how to make a website. With the support of friends and colleagues and the knowledge that I create a beautiful series of products, i persevered and got to where i am today. I still continue to learn and grow every day!

Thank you for sharing with us Marni! If you're a bride in need of a posh catch-all for your cards at the wedding reception (after all, this isn't your grandma's card basket anymore, Toto), you'll want to take a minute to browse some of her creations.

Visit the Creative Custom Cardboxes website here.

Visit Marni's Blog here for even more images of the lovelies.

~Happy Planning!

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